For those of us that live in Dr Phillips FL, we all know that the Italian restaurant Bravo closed Down and left the community with an empty building. What’s unique about this particular location is the building is located on a heat corner lot, elevated and overlooking Sand Lake Road from an outdoor balcony.

Well, I suspected that this building would not sit empty for very long. The good news is, there’s talk of a new restaurant called, “True Food” coming in to take possession of this empty spot.

Let’s HOPE it happens.. We’ll keep you posted here at STERN REALTY TEAM.

The website below offers a description of its story…

Welcome to True Food Kitchen: a restaurant inspired by the philosophy that food should make you feel better, not worse.

Together, we’re a passionate collective of accomplished chefs, visionary restaurateurs and a renowned doctor of integrative medicine, who believe delicious dining and conscious nutrition can go hand in hand, without sacrificing flavor, creativity or indulgence.

Here, we invite our guests to become a part of a world where great tasting food and thoughtfully crafted beverages—shared in an environment of infectious positivity—can be the foundation for a life well lived.

true food restaurant coming to dr phillips? True Food Restaurant coming to Dr Phillips? tf