Do you even need to use a real estate agent when buying new construction? Or should
you just deal directly with the builder and their sales representative?
These are common questions people who are considering buying new construction
If you Google it, you’ll basically find two schools of thought:
1) People who say, “Nope! You don’t need ‘em. They just want to latch onto you and get
a commission for basically doing nothing.” (These are usually people not in the real
estate business and often ones who are predisposed to avoiding working with them if
2) People who say you absolutely should because an agent is indispensable and you’re
going to get hurt and regret it if you don’t. (Surprise, surprise…it’s almost always real
estate agents saying this.)
But there’s a third group of people — people who aren’t real estate agents who
recommend using one when you buy new construction. (These are usually people
who’ve been through it and regret not using an agent independent of the builder.)


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