I have to give Kudos to a business, JEFF’S BAGEL RUN and its owner Jeff.  Jeff started a bagel business in Orlando/ Winter Garden, out of his home and is steadily building his presence as a bagel Guru.

Being originally from NY, I have had “good” bagels from time to time at various places around Orlando. Through word of mouth, I came across Jeff’s Bagel Run. I started a conversation and quickly ordered a dozen salt bagels. Just got them this morning as Jeff himself traveled to Dr Phillips to hand deliver them to me. I’m here to tell you that these bagels are fantastic!

My impressions, having just met Jeff, and trying my first NY style salt bagel? Unbelievable. Jeff has the whole package… He’s an honest hard working self employed business man, putting his efforts into delivering a great product. Thank you Jeff, will be calling on you again. Great job!

Jeff’s Bagel Run…  https://www.facebook.com/jeffsbagelrun/

Jeff 954-798-5977

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