Even though the coronavirus pandemic has slowed down the real estate industry, homes are still being sold. Florida is one of the states where the virus is under control, and it is slowly bouncing back after a hard blow. As the market is returning to normal at a slow pace, the number of people looking into real estate is growing as well. This is a perfect time to start reaching out to a real estate agent. There are many benefits of having a professional sell your home, so let’s see what they are!

Virtual home tours

The number one reason to hire a professional is that they can organize a virtual home tour. Virtual tours are winning in Orlando, Florida, and it is a lot easier to have a professional organize this event instead of doing it yourself.

People are still in fear because of the COVID-19 outbreak, and they will prefer a virtual tour over visiting a home in person.

You have access to private listings

It is no secret that all real estate agents have their private listings of sellers and buyers. If you place your home on a public listing, it may take months before the ad reaches its destined buyer. However, there is a high chance that this time frame is reduced to a couple of days if you know the right people.

Agents already have a lot of contacts with buyers who know what they want. If your home matches the profile, they will connect you with the right person immediately.

You can get a better price

Another of the many benefits of having a professional sell your home is that they can help you set the best price for the market. A lot of sellers have difficulties when setting the price. If they go too high, no one will buy it. However, if they set a price that is too low, they will lose money.

Real estate agents know the neighborhood and the price of homes in the nearby areas.

Caption: By having a professional help you sell your home, you will get a better price for your property!

Alt: A drawing of two persons exchanging a bag of money for a small house.

Another benefit of having a real estate agent help you regarding pricing is that they can fix you with a higher price. Let’s say that you have a buyer come and look at your home. You can set the price on your own, and they will accept it or pass. Even if you sell the place for the desired price, there might have been a chance to sell it to someone else for even more money.

A real estate agent has insight into how much money people are prepared to spend on a home. If they find a buyer who will pay more, for the same property, they will help you earn more money.

A professional can increase the number of open houses per month

How many open houses can you get on your own in a period of thirty days? Whatever that number is, it will be a lot higher if you hire a professional.

We have already mentioned how real estate agents have private listings and communicate with many buyers. They will show your home as many times as needed until it is sold.

Best of all, you even don’t have to be present if you don’t want to! This is a fantastic opportunity to save time as well.

The paperwork can be hell – let the professional take care of it!

One of the main reasons why people choose a professional over selling a home on their own is because they don’t want to deal with the paperwork and legal matters. There is plenty of room for a mistake, and you don’t want to make one when selling your house.

Caption: A professional real estate agent will take care of all the paperwork for you and speed up the closing process.

Alt: A person putting a signature on a contract for selling a home.

For that reason, a professional real estate agent is the best choice. They know all the tricks of the trade and will finish everything for you.

Protect yourself from scammers

Although scams are more common for buyers, you can find scammers when selling your home as well. A licensed real estate agent is your safety net in this case.

They will filter all the buyers and make sure that you only work with serious people. There is no worse situation than a buyer who just wastes your time.

A professional can help out with the inspection

While we are on the subject of safety when buying or selling a home, an inspection of the property is simply a must. All buyers expect it, and if you refuse, you might even pay a penalty.

Having a real estate professional at your hand’s reach is beneficial because they can find affordable home inspectors, and even make additional arrangements with the buyers.

There is no reason for you to go through all of that alone. If you contact a professional real estate agent, you will always have someone to assist you when necessary!

A professional knows dos and dont’s of selling a home

As we mentioned above, there are many mistakes you can make when selling a home. As a consequence, the overall closing time might be prolonged more than you want. Furthermore, a buyer might even back out because the entire process takes so long.

A real estate agent is there to make sure something like that never happens. They can speed up the closing process, and even help out if you need to buy a new place. With a professional by your side, you will be relocating to your new Florida residence in no time!

Benefits of having a professional sell your home – delivered!

Let’s do a quick summary of why is so useful to hire a professional real estate agent when selling a house:

  • possibility of having virtual tours
  • you can get the best price
  • wider exposure to buyers
  • more open houses on a monthly basis
  • a professional will speed up the entire process and help you save time
  • no worrying about the paperwork and legal matters
  • the home inspection is made easy
  • you are protected from scammers

We hope that you now see all the benefits of having a professional sell your home. With that in mind, do not waste any time. Grab a phone and start selling your place right now!


Ben Stern

RE/MAX Prime Properties

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