As part of my ” Back to Basics” series, I wanted to share an excerpt of an article outlining some of the key habits leaders can apply to business and life on a daily basis. Part of this excerpt was written by Mike Myatt and was featured in Forbes Magazine.  Back to basics education helps to re-establish some basic leadership, communication and people skills that anyone can learn, re-learn and apply to any area of life.  It’s the simple things that can have the biggest impact of life.  Enjoy!

How much time do we really spend helping, leading and developing others? That’s an important question because it reveals our priorities.

The following daily goals will help assess your performance.  You can use them to review your leadership opportunities at the beginning of the day and assess your performance at the end.  In time, these goals will become habits and when they do, you may find you are making each day your leadership masterpiece.

1. Excel in the moment.  Your focused attention is true barometer of your interest.  Presence in the moment requires discipline, preparation and empathy.

2. Invest in a relationship and build trust.  Relationships built on trust hold up in tough conditions.  Every interaction alters the well of trust between two people.  A wise leader fills the well at every opportunity.  Listen

3. Help someone else achieve and grow.  The success and growth of others is the legacy of great leadership and worthy of your time, energy, and passion.

4. Listen.  Take time to listen to a variety of voices.  A leader who fails to listen is likely to fail.

5. Connect someone to your vision, mission, and priorities.  Every organization has noise and distortion. A leader’s clarity sets the course, builds confidence and saves time.  Never miss an opportunity to tie another’s effort to the greater purpose.

6. Thank someone.  Expressing gratitude is an essential leadership task.  The two most powerful words in a leader’s vocabulary are thank you.

7. Prepare for the known and study for the unknown.  Adequate preparation allows you to excel in the present.  Yet, every leadership environment is uncertain and the unexpected will demand great leadership too.  Education is the best hedge against uncertainty.

8. Prepare for an important decision.  Charisma makes you interesting, good decisions make you effective.  They spring from preparation, wisdom and timing and are the proof of thoughtful leadership.  Remember, deciding what not to do is also your responsibility.

9. Leverage white space.  Avoid the trap of filling every minute of your calendar.  Leaders need white space to respond to unexpected opportunities and issues.  Better to commit to less and deliver more than to promise and not come through.

10. Grow physically, mentally, spiritually. Making each day a masterpiece takes stamina.  Leadership challenges are unpredictable and you need strength to face them when they arise. Get stronger today for an uncertain tomorrow.


Thanks for reading!


Ben Stern


RE/MAX Prime Properties



Ben Stern

RE/MAX Prime Properties

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